Books by:

Nancy Morejón

Senel Paz’s

José Antonio Ponte

Ana Akmatova


Danilo Moreno

Tonel (Antonio Eligio Fernández)

René Bravo Quintana

René Peña

José Angel Vincench

Sandra Ceballos

Prints by:

Ibrahim Miranda and Sandra Ramos

Sculptures by:

Carlos Estévez,

Rocío García,

Olympya Ortiz

Yoan and Iván Capote

As a group, these artists and artisans expand the definitions of the book to express their fluctuating Cuban identities. Most of them have exhibited in Europe or Canada, but their work is little known in the United States, and their prints and books have been never been exhibited together, here—or anywhere.

120 works (handmade books, prints, sculptures, film about artists, digital frames, and mixed media)

For the Most Current Info:

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Curator: Linda S. Howe, curator and Professor at Wake Forest University, in conjunction with Paul Bright, Assistant Director of WFU Fine Arts Gallery, and WFU professors and students, Winston-Salem, NC, 27109